Is fibroid affecting your life?

Are you having less time to sleep and more time to cry over the constant, unbearable pain in your stomach? Is your heavy bleeding so embarrassing you barely can go to public places any more? Are your clothes becoming so over-sized because your stomach is so bloated and people call you “pregnant” even though you’re not? Is sex becoming painful, mournful, and devastatingly hurtful…it’s disturbing your marriage? Then read every word of this letter closely. Because it contains a seriously-guarded solution over 700 women like you have used to end their needless struggle with fibroid.

First, I need to tell you this, “You Are Not In This Alone…”

Sadly, I am ashamed to admit there are hundreds of women out there (mostly African women) who are going through the pain and agony uterine fibroid is inflicting on them.

Most of these women have tried countless solutions — which promised victory over fibroid — but have come off with absolutely zero result.

After weeks of frustrating research and months and months of mindlessly spending money on fake products (including falling victim to fraudulent gynecologists who cheated me not once, not twice)…

I finally found the secret which if used by any fibroid-carrying woman, eliminates and shrink fibroid within 90 days (no matter the size)… without a single side effect or a tiny chance of the fibroid ever returning.

With this formula, you can join the hundreds of women (like me) who have regained their normal life, restored their beauty, and are yet again experiencing the joy of being a mother, a wife, and a woman.

But first, here is my story:


My name is Mrs Ibijoke Daniels

A desperate woman who got tired of the pain, frustration, and embarrassment uterine fibroid inflicted on me for 47 months.

In my dire desperation (i nearly committed suicide), then I found a solution that worked — solidly worked — and I am so eager to show this to other women who may be going through this same humiliating situation.

But there is a backstory.

I am a jolly 32-year old career lady who had my life working out for me. I had a reputable job position and a promising future with my lovely fiancé.

My life was going smoothly and nothing was going to get in the way. Until I Woke Up One Morning To A Terrible, Heavy Bleeding.. Truth is, I had been feeling a slight bulge in my lower abdomen before then. But I cast it off as nothing but a mere result of “late night eating”. The bulge grew from a tiny one to a fist-size bloat. It was so obvious even my colleagues at the office noticed it and they started to call me “pregnant”.

Soon, the back of my legs were usually numb, and they tingled all the time; mostly at night. The pain (and embarrassment) grew so unbearable I couldn’t take it anymore.

I Was Becoming So Ugly and Disfigured. My Fiancé Soon Got Ashamed of Me and Left!


Long story short, I visited my doctor and I was diagnosed with fibroid.

The scan showed I had two large fibroid the size of a grapefruit — about 10cm, and three smaller ones were hanging on the outside of my uterus. The large ones were pressing hard against my bladder, and those were responsible for my consistent urination…and my bloated stomach.

I was referred to a consultant and some injections were recommended (2 injections twice a year). The hormone therapy was supposed to shrink my fibroid, but they did nothing to help!


I had a fearfully heavy blood flow, I had a consistently terrible back pain, I cried on most nights, I urinated too often, and to top the pain and frustration….I looked 6 months pregnant. (Yes, friends usually mocked me because I wore over-sized, pregnant women’s clothes to cover up the bloated stomach). I really wish no woman had to go through this. I Just Wanted My Life Back!!! I was recommended to see two gynecologists at two different times Both of them conducted a “study”. I did a myomectomy at two different times, within the period of 26 months…both of which failed. The fibroid grew right back. This time, they grew so fast and larger. Actually, the surgeries had missed quite a handful of the fibroid.


My abdomen was distended, so much now that I had to take a uniform two size bigger than I had 2 years ago! I had chronic back pain, and could hardly bend down to pick things up. It became worse I urinated on myself several times without actually knowing. Hysterectomy was not an option. I couldn’t have my uterus removed. I am still young and single, and I was desperate to get back into a relationship that would lead to marriage anyway. I was frustrated, bent-over-backward, and spending too much money than I could afford. I visited three different gynecologists, all of whom kept pushing me back and forth for meetings that never held, and collecting  huge sum of money just for “consultation”. I degraded to buying roadside herbal medicines that claimed to “cure fibroid”. If they did “cure” the fibroid (which they didn’t), they left me with so much pain days later. I didn’t believe any “normal” woman should go through what I went through. So I did the only thing I could:


I spent nights reading books. I made calls to so-called health consultants. I observed websites and followed health programs. I read monthly health newsletters. None of these helped me. I was near frustration and almost contemplating suicide, until a friend introduced me to ”THE FIBROID NATURAL ERADICATION THERAPY”.


Actually, it was a friend of a friend who did. The product had worked for her sister, she said. It would work for me, she believe. What else could I lose? I had spent almost my entire savings on things that didn’t work. I had incurred thousands of money on futile surgeries. I had been cheated and was nearly taken advantage of sexually because I desperately wanted freedom from fibroid. I had even lost my beloved fiancé in the process. I concluded this “Fibroid Natural Eradication Therapy” was worth trying. Hold on! Please wait! Don’t be deceived by the simple name. Fibroid Natural Eradication Therapy is a combination of four powerful components, combined through hours and hours of research to put an absolute end to fibroid in women. The first time I saw these products, I was much more concerned about its effectiveness and if it had any side effects. So I started straight to research about the components. Here are the product’s components and exactly what they’ll do for you:

Colon Cleanser Tea

Colon Cleanser Tea: contains healthy herbal properties that help the body remove toxins, due to the busy nature of society today, many folks don’t eat healthily and some eat harmful fatty foods, Colon cleanser tea help in cleaning the large intestine, when the Colon is filed with all sort of undigested solid food and the excretory system is not functioning optimally sickness is inevitable, with Colon Cleanser Tea the waste that has accumulated over time would be flushed out including its accumulated toxin making room for other medications to work optimally.


It cleanses the colon and the gastro-intestinal tract.
It detoxifies the body.
It eases stomach and intestinal peristalsis.
It boosts appetite
It improves digestion

Reishi Capsule


Reishi Capsule: This herbal medication is made from a powerful Chinese mushroom notable for its potency against any form of baterial, viral or fungal infections, its being in use for several centuries, its active ingredients are Cordyceps Militaris 100mg,Ganoderma,Lucidum Sinensis 100mg
Royal-Jelly Freezing-dry Powder 50mg. it support your own immune system by promoting the activity of your antibodies and natural killer cells , it helps the body destroy damaged or compromised cells as part of cellular regeneration process, it helps destroys tumors that can lead to fibroid


Treatment of Female Infertility
Stabilize Blood Pressure
Helps in the treatment of tumors 


Golden Hypha

Golden Hypha: Golden Hypha is an Immune Booster with natural plant extract. it helps to build and maintain strong Immune system. It helps to increase the white blood cells count and therefore help the body to resist the attacks of diseases like Cancer, HIV, AIDS, and other diseases. its Proflamin and acidic glycoprotein content has the function of anti-tumor meaning adequate use of it shrinks and dissolve completely any form of fibroid its an anti-oxidant it also stall dangerous cell mutation as such cancerous cells are destroyed. Golden hypha contains advanced immunomodulatory protein that restores immune system with the ability of boosting CD4 cells which could have been weakened. because of the potency of Golden Hypha in destroying tumors, it has recorded major successes in the treatment of uterine fibroid.


Boosts immune system.
Relieves side effect of treatment of cancer and tumor.
Relieves hepatitis and general dermatitis.
Effective for uterine fibroid.



Magilim: This is a traditional chinese herbal product produced with the main aim of cutting down excess fats from the body, Fibroid is associated with excess fat, blotted tummy, Magilim helps to burn up such fats, it is a chinese herbal medicine that contains konjac glucomamnnan (KGM) a water soluble dietary fiber derived from the root of konjac plant , a chinese food with history spanning over two thousand years known for its potency of burning body fat, magilim is good for people who wants to lose or control their weight. Magilim help burn fat associated with uterine fibroid.


Effective for weight Control.
Removal of Toxins from the intestine.
Relieves hepatitis and general dermatitis.
It help burn fat resulting from the effect of uterine fibroid, ETC…

See, as soon as I started to use this Fibroid Natural Eradication Therapy products, I felt no change in the first week. I swear. Sincerely, in my impatience, I called my friend over the phone and wanted to curse her for letting these people cheat me again. She calmed me down and encouraged me to continue to use the products.

Two days. Three days. Nothing changed.

Until the third week.

Seriously, in less than three weeks I started to use this natural fibroid eradication product, my back pain was gone, my stomach showed reduction, my heavy blood flow slowed drastically.

For the first time in almost four years, my body felt healthier!

In short, this was what the product did for me:

1. Increase circulation, reduce pain, cut down heavy menstrual flow: The Fibroid Natural Eradication products goes to your reproductive system, and reduces excess estrogen that fuels abnormal fibroid growths, and stimulates your liver activity for improved estrogen metabolism.

2. Anti-tumor, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral: The pack gets rids of all forms of bacterial, fungal or viral infections causing fibroid.

3. Detoxification: The pack works with your body’s natural detoxification processes to clear congested foreign tissues in your body, while simultaneously helping you to prevent new growths from developing.

4. Hormone balancing and fertility boosting: Your fertility automatically improves and conception can take place when this pack stabilizes your hormones.

5. Immune boosting: This pack reignites your immune system to give your body the capacity to fight against all forms of infections and foreign bodies within your body system, making it difficult for fibroid to remain in you.

6. Eliminates fibroid completely: each dosage of this pack will help you shrink and reduce fibroid until you achieve total elimination. This way, your fibroid never regrows again.

Look, I got so excited I wrote a text message to my friend thanking her tremendously for sending the product my way.

Seriously, this may be the best solution out there for removing fibroid safely, naturally, and non-surgically. Not too surprisingly, I have waited for my fibroid to return ever since but…

My Fibroid Has Never Returned!

Listen, like you, I don’t believe any products I see.

Yes, I may be desperate to seek solution to my fibroid problem (I was even foolish so many times to buy fake products), but after buying products that nearly killed me…

…I needed a solution that was not only 100% natural and safe, but also has iron-clad seal of approval by well-known  health bodies.

What do you know? To my utmost delight, “The Fibroid Natural Eradication Therapy” products is backed by five international health bodies.

And of course, the product is 100% natural.

Some of the components are in liquid form while some are in tablet form. Yet, all work to shrink, humiliate and eliminate fibroid safely and permanently.

Listen, if you know the Jewish people very well, you know they do not take anything that isn’t natural. Thus, the Jewish Kosher seal proves this product to be 100% natural…and certainly, absolutely safe.

That is to say, not a single woman has written to complain about any side effect (and the seller don’t ever recommend the product to pregnant women).

Now let’s get to something much more important…

After months of heavy menstrual flow, urinating too often than you can count, and maybe nights of painful back pain, let me ask you this: How Desperate Are You To Get Rid Of Your Fibroid?

My fibroid gave me so much back pain. It made me look older and ugly by the day. It made men avoid me like a plague. And it made me lose so much self-esteem and prestige I was willing to pay whatever amount it would cost to take it out of me.

Fortunately for me, after wasting so much money and getting cheated by fraudulent practitioners and herbalists, I was able to get this product for a measly…




NOTE: This Starter Pack Comes with 1 additinal Reishi and 1, Golden Hypha, meaning you get 6 Products for the Price of 4

Look, compared to what I spent treating fibroid for 47 months, that price is a joke.

But listen, here’s what would happen: When you start using this solution religiously as recommended without failing and you start getting to see result, i mean you start feeling better and stronger you will be too excited to remember cost, it happened to me.

That’s why I’m glad this product costs only this much. Less than the shopping price at your expensive clothing store and more results that could change a woman’s life.

Thank You For Your Time!

To Your Freedom From Fibroid


To Order This Natural Therapy That Has Helped Several Women Solve Their Fibroid Challenge, Send The Following Information As Text Message.

Your Name, Fibroid Natural Eradication Therapy Pack, Recipient Phone No And Delivery Address To:



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